Installing APBS


Please register before installing APBS.

The best way to install APBS is via the binary installation; see How to get the software for more information. We currently offer binaries for the Ubuntu platform on a variety of architectures as well as command-line binaries for WinXP and Mac OS X. For all other systems, please install from source on your particular platform and feel free to contact the APBS users mailing list for more help and/or to request a binary for that system.

Binary installation


If you are using APBS on a Windows system, you may not want to install APBS in a directory with spaces in the path name (e.g., C:\Program Files\) as this can cause problems with some visualization programs. The windows release is for Windows 7 and is 64-bit only. It installs to C:\APBS by default and provides a batch file that creates a shell with the correct path.

Mac OS X

The OS X build is built for Mavericks, available as a .dmg (disk image) file with an APBS Application Bundle. Just open the .dmg file and drag the app to the Applications folder. Running the App Bundle opens a Terminal window with the appropriate path to the APBS binary.


APBS binaries are provided in compressed tar format (*.tgz) for Linux. This tarball can be opened by

gzip -dc apbs-{#}.{#}.{#}-{XYZ}.tgz | tar xvf -

where apbs-#.#.#-XYZ.tgz is the downloaded tarball with XYZ as the particular architecture of the binary you downloaded and #.#.# as the version number. This will expand into a directory called apbs-#.#.#-XYZ. The contents of this directory can be placed anywhere on your system that you prefer (and have access to).

Source installation

We recommend that most users compile APBS from our official releases; see How to get the software for downloading instructions. Adventurous users may want to try to compile the developmental versions on GitHub. In either case, detailed compile/build instructions are provided with the source code.

What’s in the box?

contains the main APBS executable
contains additional APBS-related files
the APBS programmer guide
APBS examples
the APBS test suite
useful programs to help process APBS input and output
header files for building software that calls APBS
libraries for building software that calls APBS