How to get the software

Before you begin! APBS-PDB2PQR funding is dependent on your support for continued development and support. Please register before using the software so we can accurately report the number of users to our funding agencies.

Web servers

Most APBS and PDB2PQR functionality is available through our online web servers. However, if you prefer to download the software, skip to the downloads section.

The PDB2PQR web server offers a simple way to use both APBS and PDB2PQR without the need to download and install additional programs.

After registering, please visit to access the web server.


If you prefer to download the software rather than use the APBS webserver, both APBS and PDB2PQR are also available for download to use in standalone mode. Users can either download binaries for their platform or compile the software from source (GitHub)

APBS downloads

Both binary executables and source code are available for APBS. The best way to acquire APBS is to register, which helps us track usage of the software for our funding agencies, and then download the software from SourceForge (APBS).

If you download the developmental source code version of APBS from GitHub, please follow the compilation and installation instructions provided with the source code.

Usage information for APBS is available at APBS.

PDB2PQR downloads

PDB2PQR is currently available in source code form. Stable versions can be downloaded from SourceForge (PDB2PQR) and developmental versions can be checked out from GitHub. If you are installing from source, please follow the instructions at Installing PDB2PQR. After compilation, PDB2PQR can be used as described at PDB2PQR.