APBS 0.1.2 (2001-09)¶

This version is mainly designed to increase portability by switching to libtool for library creation and linking. Of course, it also contains a few bug fixes. Highlights include:

  • Changes to the User Manual
  • Addition of a Programmer’s Manual
  • Various FEtk-related things (no particular impact to the user)
  • Improvements to the test systems
  • Change in the format for printing energies
  • Change in directory structure
  • Fixed centering bug in main driver (only impacted I/o)
  • Fixed error message bug in VPMG class
  • Fixed grid length bug (popped up during sanity checks) in VPMG class
  • Switched to libtool for linking
  • Note that Compaq Tru64 Alpha users may still experience problems while compiling due to some strangess with linking C and FORTRAN objects.