Support for APBS-PDB2PQR

Supporting organizations

A special thanks supporting organizations behind the APBS and PDB2PQR software:

National Institutes of Health
Primary source of funding for APBS via grant GM069702
National Biomedical Computation Resource
Deployment and computational resources support
National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
Funding and computational resources
Washington University in St. Louis
Start-up funding

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Contributors to date

Contributions to the APBS and PDB2PQR are always welcome and can be shared through GitHub] or our other supprot mechanisms (see Getting help).

The following is an alphabetical list of contributors to the APBS/PDB2PQR effort:

  • Nathan Baker: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Tucker Beck: APBS
  • Steve Bond: APBS
  • Juan Brandi: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Larry Canino: APBS
  • Juahui Chen: APBS
  • Zhan Chen: APBS
  • Minju Chun: PDB2PQR
  • Vincent Chu: APBS
  • Todd Dolinsky: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Adrian Elcock: APBS
  • Lisa Felberg: APBS
  • Weihua Geng: APBS
  • Dave Gohara: APBS
  • Michael Grabe: APBS
  • Stephen Gradwohl: APBS
  • Tyler Harmon: APBS
  • Teresa Head-Gordon: APBS
  • Yong Huang: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Michael Holst: APBS
  • Peter Hui: APBS
  • Jan Jensen: PDB2PQR
  • Liz Jurrus: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Adrian Kaats: APBS
  • Patrice Koehl: APBS
  • David Koes: PDB2PQR
  • Robert Konecny: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Robert Krasny: APBS
  • Max Li: APBS
  • Peter Li: PDB2PQR
  • Stephen Libby: APBS
  • Chiansan Ma: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • J Andrew McCammon: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Kyle Monson: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Jens Nielsen: PDB2PQR
  • Jay Ponder: APBS
  • Mike Schnieders: APBS
  • Dave Sept: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Keith Star: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Andrew Stevens: APBS
  • Samir Unni: APBS, PDB2PQR
  • Guowei Wei: APBS
  • Leighton Wilson: APBS
  • Justin Xiang: APBS

This list is always out of date. Please email with corrections.